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Cultural / Educational Work

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Audiences at the centre of the Opera’s work

Support, transmit and train


Almost 25 years!

...since the Cultural Action and Mediation Department, in close connection with and supported by all the other departments of the National Opera of Bordeaux, first designed and implemented measures to offer support for new spectators as well as outreach and training activities for amateurs or artists at the beginning of their career.

Our mission to serve the public

  • Promote the accessibility of our work to all citizens regardless of their geographic or social origins, share our passion, transmit our expertise.
  • Encourage the public to dare come to the Opera and build a sense of complicity with the artists and performance halls, as well as enjoy discovering the worlds of music and dance and venture along to one of the 230 artistic performances put on all year round!


The Cultural Action and Mediation Department focuses on:

• raising the awareness of young audiences through exciting projects and shows to meet the challenge of providing artistic and cultural education for all
• proposing an enhanced performance experience by setting up innovative media (in particular through the use of digital technology and the cinema chains)
• offering fans a high-quality and affordable programme and spaces in which they can meet the artists or even join them on stage
• contributing to the professional development of this field of work (PREAC Art lyrique)

To carry out its mission, the National Opera of Bordeaux relies on a network of key “relay partners" in the different sectors concerned: first and foremost the national education system, but also socio-cultural activities, artistic education structures, amateur artistic practice associations, the cultural services of higher education establishments, associations working with people with handicaps etc.

For more information

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