The ONBA - Orchestre National Bordeaux Aquitaine

Conductor, Paul Daniel

The Orchestre National Bordeaux Aquitaine is successor to the Orchestra of the Saint-Cécile Society, which was founded in 1850.

In 1988, under the leadership of Artistic Director Alain Lombard, the ONBA began to attract significant acclaim for both for its symphony repertoire and its chamber music ensembles. The orchestra subsequently recorded CDs and toured on an international scale. The size of the audiences attracted from Bordeaux and throughout Aquitaine alsoincreased considerably.

In 1996, Thierry Fouquet was appointed Director of the Opéra de Bordeaux. Now a fully-fledged member of this institution, the ONBA proposes a full season of symphonic music in Bordeaux (a series of 20 major concerts, summer concerts, festivals, chamber music with"soloist ensembles" and the Ciné-Concerts festival). The ONBA is fulfilling its mission at both regional and national levels, attending major French festivals such as the Folle Journée de Nantes, La Roque-d’Antheron (...) and also performing internationally (Japan, Spain). The ONBA supports both operatic and choreographic performances, whilst increasing provision for younger audiences ; the activities developed in this respect in recent years are among the most successful in France.

The symphony orchestra is made up of 120 musicians. The numbers required for each concert vary according to the type of work performed : medium and large ensembles are needed for symphonic and operatic events, smaller ensembles for chamber music concerts.

After Kwamé Ryan (2007-2013), the English conductor Paul Daniel is recently named Musical Director for the orchestra.

The Orchestre National Bordeaux Aquitaine is also call "ONBA"








Administrative team

Emilie SYMPHORIEN Administratrice artistique et de production

Alexane Alves Administratrice des productions de l'ONBA

Victor Herment Chargé de production

Léonie Sirveaux Assistante de direction

Serge PRATS Assistant administratif

Bertrand TASTET Régisseur

Noelline DE SAUZA Responsable des formations musicales

Pascal COLIN Technicien d’Orchestre

Pierre-Alain ROUDIER Technicien d’Orchestre

Didier SIMON Technicien d’Orchestre

Jean-François VACELLIER Bibliothèque

Gervaise CARBONNIER Bibliothèque