The Opera on tour in the metropolitan area, the region and beyond

For its 2020/2021 Season, the National Opera of Bordeaux has scheduled some 26 tour dates for its productions in the metropolitan area, the region and elsewhere in France, as part of transfer contracts and/or production grants.

The Opera on tour in the Bordeaux Métropole and in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region

The National Opera of Bordeaux and its different parts (the National Orchestra of Bordeaux Aquitaine, the Ballet of the National Opera of Bordeaux, the Choir of the National Opera of Bordeaux) are particularly attentive to the expectations of their audiences in the region. Each season, they implement a regional outreach policy revolving around 4 components:

1 / Presence of the 180 permanent artists in the region

Symphonic music, opera, chamber music, ballet and shows geared towards a younger audience… some 25 tour dates are scheduled every season in the metropolitan area and the region. Special attention is given to the variety and originality of the programme, which includes a range of productions combining works from the classical repertoire with new discoveries, as well as welcoming internationally-renowned guest artists (conductors, musicians, soloists, etc.).

For this 2020/2021 Season, our artists will perform in Agen, Andernos, Ambès, Ars- en-Ré, Bayonne, Biganos, Blanquefort, Bruges, Le Bouscat, Limoges, Luxey, Martignas, Mimizan, Orthez, Périgueux, Saint-Astier, Saint-Junien, Soustons, Uzerche, Verdelais… and at a number of festivals: Festival Ré Majeure, Festival International des Arts de Bordeaux, Festival des Vendanges de Malagar / Centre François Mauriac…

2/ Organisation of a network of partner institutions in the Bordeaux metropolitan area and Nouvelle-Aquitaine region

The Opera builds on its close ties with its longstanding partner institutions, while seeking new partnerships in the region every season.

This network of partner performing arts institutions is a essential to the establishment of cultural projects which are accessible to the public across the region. It helps the National Opera of Bordeaux develop regional projects and tailored awareness-raising activities that provide the right response to local needs.

The "ONB(A) en Partage" programme

The development of the regional outreach policy of the National Opera of Bordeaux has led to a new innovative form of cultural democratisation.

Broadcasting of shows is a genuine tool for cultural democratisation, placing technology at the service of the region. Although it does not replace the physical presence of musicians in the region during tours of productions by the National Opera of Bordeaux, it does provide a complementary artistic and musical offer which can reach a wider audience of people who are in remote areas or do not have the possibility to attend performances.

The shows can therefore be broadcast to any venue were an audience can gather, in all types of locations, thus creating forums for cultural discussions while promoting the art of living together: care homes, hospitals, shelters, elderly people’s homes, student halls, libraries, cinemas, community centres, cultural centres etc.

The ONBA symphony orchestra concert of Monstres et Créatures, was scheduled to be broadcast* live for the first time from the Auditorium of Bordeaux to over 40 venues throughout the metropolitan area and Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. This had been organised by the National Opera of Bordeaux in partnership with the Ici Aussi Society, the OARA, the Cultural and Health Centre of Nouvelle-Aquitaine and La Villette/Micro-Folies.

*The broadcast was set to take place on Thursday 19 March 2020 as part of the Ciné Notes Festival but was cancelled due to the Covid-19 health crisis.

The next session of ONBA en Partage will take place on Friday 4 December 2020 as part of the L’Esprit du Piano Festival. This will be the live broadcast of the symphony orchestra concert conducted by Paul Daniel, with Marie-Ange Nguci on the piano, with a programme of key masterpieces of the 20th century (Shchedrin /Rachmaninoff).

Le Marchand et l’Oubli by Guillaume Debut, ballet for a younger audience (a 2019 creation)

Le Marchand et l’Oubli is a regional project that is unique in many ways:

  • The production was created entirely in Nouvelle-Aquitaine and in the Landes area. Dancers from the Ballet of the National Opera of Bordeaux and choreographer Guillaume Debut were hosted for a residency in two partner institutions in the Landes: Le Pôle (Théâtre de Gascogne) in St Pierre du Mont and the La Marensine Centre for Choreographic Arts (a partner of the Roger Hanin Cultural Centre) in Soustons. They were also co-producers.


  • The premiere took place in the region on 1st February 2019, in the Théâtre de Gascogne in St Pierre du Mont. The show was then programmed in Bruges as part of a season for younger audiences designed by the National Opera of Bordeaux and the Pouce! Festival. This was then followed by a regional tour of the Landes with dates in Dax, Mimizan and Soustons.


  • A choreographic project entrusted to dancer Guillaume Debut. Echoing the work carried out by the Choreographic Centre of the Greater South-West to promote young classical and neo-classical choreographers’ work (such as the competition for young choreographers), Eric Quilleré (Head of the Dance Department) decided to entrust the creation of a ballet for a younger audience to one of the dancers of the Ballet. Among the 4 finalists who responded to the call for projects was dancer Guillaume Debut, who was chosen by Marc Minkowski and Eric Quilleré.


Mediation events organised around the show: to ensure that the project is shared as widely as possible within the region and make culture more accessible, mediation events are organised alongside each show. Such events were also held prior to the show during the residency of the dancers: a master class presented by Guillaume Debut to 53 dance students at the Conservatoire des Landes, a visit to Bordeaux for the dress rehearsal of La Fille Mal Gardée (The Wayward Daughter) in Bordeaux, conferences, visits, meet-ups…

3/ Audience mobility, with special attention given to welcoming regional spectators to Bordeaux, in the Grand Theatre and in the Auditorium of the Opera.

Through its Musical Escapades Programme and thanks to its partnerships with performing arts institutions, the National Opera of Bordeaux provides regional audiences with easy access to a selection of exceptional operas, ballets, symphony orchestra concerts and recitals which are not able to tour around the region.

4/ Sharing technical expertise around the arts and crafts of performing arts

The National Opera of Bordeaux frequently hosts permanent and visiting artists. In addition to this, it organises touring exhibitions which highlight the rich heritage surrounding its productions, such as the costumes, accessories and sets, as well as the remarkable expertise of its workshops.

“More Than Perfect, Augmented Bodies on Stage” exhibition – exhibition design by Eric Charbeau/Philippe Casaban (created in 2015)

This exhibition presents the art and manner of shaping, transforming and metamorphosing the body on stage, for the stage.

Displayed at the Grand Theatre until 6 September, the “More than Perfect, Augmented Bodies on Stage” exhibition is designed for both the general public and connoisseurs. It was first displayed at the Grand Theatre of Bordeaux from 9 July to 6 September 2015 and attracted over 20,000 visitors.

Its initial structure was then redesigned ,to make it mobile and easily adapted to new venues.

It has since been displayed across the region:

  • At the Château de Cadillac from 28 May to 28 August 2016
  • At the Abbaye aux Dames in Saintes from 30 May to 29 August 2018

The Opera on tour in France

L’Orchestre National Bordeaux Aquitaine 

  • 1 concert Symphonique (Paul Daniel /Betrand Chamayou) au Parvis à Tarbes le 14/02/2021

Le Ballet de l’Opéra National de Bordeaux

  • 1 représentations de Celestial de Garett Smith à La Filature à Mulhouse en partenariat avec l’Opéra National du Rhin le 28/03/21.